This isn't for me; it's actually specifically for you.
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Still Looks Like The Future

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He shed what was left of his summer skin

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Dear Staff,

My android app deserves an all-the-way-back-to-the-top button like on my browser-based dash. Have you never been so far down the rabbit hole that it’s easier just to exit and reopen?

It’s not in your best interest to reward someone for exiting your app.

As ever,



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My bare minimum used to be “someone who is active on at least Tumblr or Twitter” but now it’s more like “someone who felt personally victimized by horse_ebooks”

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Plau by Rodrigo Saiani.

Futurist typeface from the programming era, Plau is a sans-serif with rounded corner personality and interestingly deliberate lettershapes. Comfortable in headlines, reads surprisingly well in longer passages of text. 
Includes the following OpenType features: OT All Small Caps, Small Caps, Fraction, Proportional/Tabular Oldstyle and lining figures, subscript and superscript numbers

Download it here:

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want to talk to you
but we don’t know what to say
and you don’t know what to do 

I love the High Line, but Hudson Yards is gonna make the entire area so insufferable.

I finally got around to watching Directions. I recommend it for the next time you’re a Death Cab mood but want to try something new.

btw in case you were unaware, Plans is still wonderful 9 years later

but with nobody in your bed, the night’s hard to get through

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